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  •   Build
  •   Survival
  •   SkyBlock
  •   FTB


A 24/7 city-themed minecraft server. We have an active and friendly community with new members joining daily. The map is styled around the idea of a city with free plots to build on. We have available; shops, portals, flats, public mines and forests. We also have iConomy which is used as currency on the server. We have a market where members can go to sell/buy items with other members. This server is a free-build where in-game promotions are available. Join today and become a part of the CityCraft Community!


A 24/7 Survival PvP server running factions. We have custom dungeons and constant arena PvP battles for you to take part in all day, every day. Team up or go solo to become the #1 PvPer on the server. Griefing and raiding is allowed and encouraged. All players can set up and run their own faction shop to earn money. Join now and check out the survival server if you are in to fast-paced PvP action!


Take on the challenge of SkyBlock with the CityCraft community! Start on your own small island and complete challenges to level and become number one. Play solo or group up with friends, it's up to you.


About us

CityCraft was founded back in January of 2011, starting with a handful of slots for just me and some friends, to check out this new game Minecraft. Over the weeks it evolved into something much more, doubling the slots each month and eventually expanding into multiple servers. In just 1 year we had 250,000 people connect to CityCraft making us the number one UK minecraft server.

Along with the rapidly growing servers we had an amazing community starting to develop over on our forums, hundreds of people checking in daily to join in conversations with other CityCraft players giving us what we have today, over 20,000 registered members to our forum. Make sure to head on over and join the CC community for all the latest news, discussion and events.

Over the 3 years we have seen minecraft go from beta to full release. With every new version comes a whole new game, as minecraft continues to develop and add new features so will CityCraft, we will be there every step of the way offering the best minecraft server possible.

I hope you enjoy your time here on CityCraft and become part of our close gaming community.


  • Well, the servers are truly amazing. Such variety and a very wonderful community, I can't get enough of the server!

  • An unprecedented community with something for everyone brings together friends from all over the world.

  • This is a server where help is never far away. Its not just some random people, its a friendly community! Makes me come back every day!

  • When you first join you think that it's just your average server, but when you look more into the server you think it's above average.

  • Brilliant servers with an even better community. I joined CC Survival almost two years ago and I've loved it ever since.

  • You can't even describe these servers! Absolutely addicting, Could play for hours and never get bored.

  • Citycraft is a great example of an awesome server with a great community that you just can't stop playing!

  • Citycraft has become a huge part of my life. Everything there is so wonderful!

  • The very first server I joined on Minecraft and still the best!

  • Even 2 years on, I'm still enjoying the server. The community are a great crowd and we have some fantastic talent on the Build Server!

  • Been playing here for ages, first server I joined, absolutely awesome!

  • CityCraft has truly become like a second home to me. The community is more friendly and welcoming than any other you can find.

  • This server is the best! It's my favourite server, has the best community, and is always so nice to me, even when I'm being weird.